Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween costumes

I've had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my niece and nephew lately because their Momma is sick with cancer. So during fall break we decided to make their Halloween costumes. Zach is 9 and Olivia is 6. Olivia makes Zach dress up to match her every year. Last year they were raggedy Ann and Andy. I don't know how much longer her older brother is going to let her pick his costume, but I think it's cute that they match. A few months ago Olivia announced their Halloween costumes. Zach was a little apprehensive with her choice but still went along with it. SO THIS YEAR I PROUDLY PRESENT... THE URINAL AND THE TOILET!

I love the skid marks and pee stains so creative.
The best part about their costumes is that the holes in the bottom are for proper candy holding. Each house they go to gets to enjoy the costume as well. They get to drop the candy down the toilet or urinal!