Saturday, August 30, 2008

I got my first tag!

20 years ago…
1. I was Wonder Woman for Halloween
2. Had surgery to remove my kidney
3. I was a momma’s girl

10 years ago…
1. I just started Young Womens
2. I got to start baby-sitting and I loved it
3. I became and Aunt!

5 years ago…
1. I was a senior in High School
2. I got my first cell phone (became a text-oholic)
3. Got stitches for the first time

3 years ago…
1. Started going to a singles ward
2. I met Stu
3. I became friends with 3 amazing people Amber, Becky & Janelle.

1 year ago…
1. Stu and I were newly weds (technically still are)
2. Stu and I bought a house
3. Things started going from I to WE

This year…
1. We went to California
2. Bought a new car
3. Got in an accident and had to buy another car

1. Worked
2. Went on a date with Stu
3. Watched a chick flick!

1. Going to pick out a pattern to make a skirt
2. Having a BBQ with my in laws
3. Blogged!

1. Go to church
2. Enjoy the 3 day weekend
3. Make dessert

In the next year...
1. Hopefully Stu will become a police officer
2. Go on a cruise
3. Decorate my house

I tag Stephanie, Monique, and Cicily

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Soon to be FAMOUS QUOTE by Stuart M. Williams

Stu will probably give me crap for this but it needs to be recorded because it's so funny. About a week ago Stuart and I were driving home around the time the sun sets. For some reason Stuart loves sun sets, he will always comment on the sun set. but this day's particular comment was priceless. He said, " If I were a millionaire I would watch the sun set every night!" Because every one knows you have to be a millionaire to watch the sun set! So classic :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Breaking Dawn Party

I went to the barns and noble breaking dawn party with friends/co-workers (Stephanie and Heather) and my Sister in law Sarah. We are all a little obsessed with the books. While we were there I saw my other sister in law who I had no idea was going to be there! It was a lot of fun. Stephanie, Me and Heather showing off our shirts right before we left for the party. The back of mine said Edward Cullen about 100 times and then over his name it said Obsessed? Who me?
Me with 2 of my sister in laws Maggie and Sarah.
Stephanie and I trying to sneak a bite of the giant cake.
Stephanie, Heather and I.

Friday, August 8, 2008


This post is thanks to Danielle Pies. If she did take a picture of us bowling with the ward, I wouldn't have proof that we went. Also, If she didn't take this picture and send it to me at work I would have to actually be working right now (SHHHH) :) We went bowling a couple weeks ago with our ward and my little Stuey won! He got the highest score! So everyone can congratulate him all you want. (He loves being the center of attention!) :)
P.S. Here's a little snippet into our lives, Stu didn't want me to start this blog so I've been hiding it from him all this time. I finally told him last night! Yeah Go ME! He wasn't mad at all!