Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trip to San Diago

Yesterday, we took a day trip to San Diego (day tripping it not recommended) for Stuart's mission companions wedding. It was the perfect start to our day.
This is us just outside of the temple, waiting for the couple to come out. This is the happy couple, Josh and Heather. The ceremony was so beautiful. Right after all the pictures were taken we went to this nice restaurant right off Pacific Coast Highway for the luncheon. As soon as we were done with the luncheon we were headed back towards the temple and not even 10 minutes back on the highway this happened...
We got rear ended by a guy in a big Ford truck. The guy was going so fast he made us hit the car in front of us. So (as Stu puts it) we were the bologna in the sandwich. It was the scariest thing. Stu and I flew forward and we both didn't know what happened. Then we got jostled around again form hitting the car in front of us. I looked over at Stu and he was still lurched forward. It was pretty scary. Then once I realized what happened, I of coursed Started to cry. The guy told Stu that he was looking out at the beach when it happened. Why do beaches have to be so mesmerizing?
This is all three of the cars involved. Not much damage happened to the car we hit, thankfully.


kyle and sarah said...

So happy that you guys were not seriously hurt in the accident. Love you guys!

Don Bowles Blog said...

I like your blog alot!
You've done a great job. I look forward to seeing alot more!
Love, Mom

Andalynn said...

I'm Glad you decided to get a Blog! Cant wait to read and see more pics of you two! Oh BTW I would like to come by soon and get those books! Cant wait to start reading again! Love Ya


Cicily said...

I love the butt picture at the bottom of your blog. You guys are hilarious.