Friday, September 26, 2008

Las Vegas Time Out for Women

I went to Las Vegas last weekend with my sister and some cousins and my Aunt. It was so much fun. We went for a Time Out for Women conference. which I loved. We did have some fun on the strip too!
Leah and I posing in front of a beautiful fountain in the venetian Hotel.
More of the Venetian Hotel, It felt like I was in a different country. This is indoors by the way.
The whole time it felt like we never stopped eating. We had so much food.
And we were spiritually fed! This is the only picture I took at the actual conference. Great huh? Nikki is the only one looking at my camera!

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Carly said...

Hey, I found your blog! Mine is :)
Hi there. Vegas is the overeating capital of the world. I totally love it, but after 3 days I am done with the strip and need to escape. I'm glad you had fun.