Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight the Movie!

Call me crazy but I went and saw the midnight showing of Twilight. It was so much fun. I'm going to have some good memories about that night for a long time! My shirt says, I'm totally guilty of being a hardcore insanely obsessed Twilighter...Team Edward!Sarah and I in the theater waiting for the show to start!
Lauren and I, Her shirt said Team Jacob, but we don't discriminate so we let her be in our group! J/K Lauren!
My SIL Maggie just happened to get tickets to the same theater so she sat with us. And my cousin Jandi was sitting right behind us. It was good to be able to catch up with her.
L to R Jennifer, me, Stephanie, and Heather. Heather gave me my shirt for my birthday and she got similar ones for her self and Steph (her sister). We all had a great time, I can't wait to do something crazy like this again with them all!


Anthon and Jennifer Ellsworth said...

That was WAY fun! I wish we could do it all over again. Well, there will be more Twilight movies...right?

Skiba Family said...

I HATED the movie! Totally wish I went with you guys..sounds like you had fun!

Ben and Maggie said...

You can see the tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Funny! P.S. Send me all your pictures. I'm so bummed I forgot my camera!

Kyle and Sarah said...

That was one fun midnight adventure....It took me a couple days to recoup because Jenna would not let me nap the next day! You still need to email the pics to me so I can post them on my blog!