Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm Very Sneaky Sir

From the time my nieces and nephews are about a week old my dad starts feeding them marshmallows. It's his little treat to give to them every time they come over. They all know where the marshmallow cupboard is, and before they can even talk they stand in front of the cupboard and raise their hands for the marshmallows. We'll now that the grand kids are getting a little older/smarter this is what is happening to the marshmallow cupboard.

Here's little miss Macy sneaking marshmallows while no one is looking. I caught her, but since I'm the favorite aunt I didn't tell!

Here's a close up. You have to give it to her she's brave to sneak right in front of eveyyone!

And now she's enjoying the fruits of her labor!


Skiba Family said...

That is so funny...Kids are very sneaky! We missed you last night...hopefully you and stuart were having fun on that love sac!

Anonymous said...

I love the ultra sound appointments! It makes everything seem that much more real... It is really exciting. So when am I going to get to swoon over pictures of a debbie and stu baby?! ;)
Hey, email me your address so I can send you a baby shower invite! I would love for you to come!
My email is

James said...

Snap...I'm usually pretty keen on seeing this kind of action, but you took it to the next level with documentation! I can't believe I missed it.