Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Great Grandma

I'm so glad I was able to briefly visit with my Great Grandma a few weeks ago. Because she passed away this morning. I know she's much happier where she is now. It must be really hard to out live most of your children. She was the funniest, sweetest lady and I'm going to miss her.


Anthon and Jennifer Ellsworth said...

:o( I'm sorry to hear that :o( You're right though, she probably IS happier

Skiba Family said...

Debbie..so sorry about your loss. I'm glad you got to see her one last time and visit with her.

kati said...

I love the conversation with Great Gma Carpenter that you put on here! Classic.

Hey thanks for putting up my link!!! Also- how do you add your blog list that shows when people last updated their blog??? I see everyone does it, but I'm not sure how.