Monday, February 15, 2010


For those of you living out of state, these pictures are for you. (Maggie, that's you. . .and your family of course)! Hazel is 3.5 months old now, and getting a lot bigger. She smiles, coos, rolls over and surprises herself every time. She is staying super cute and is starting to giggle at various times, though not usually for her parents. Maybe she thinks other people look funny or something, but it's very enjoyable when she giggles. Enjoy the pictures.

Stuart got Hazel dressed and put the onesie on last! (Sucker). She looked like an 80's workout video.

Sportin' a new hair-do! (I pity da foo)

Shocked by the camera light!


One crafty Mama said...

Look at that hair! She has more hair than Breidi!

Hanie said...

I love the 80s outfit! Cute cute!

Ben and Maggie said...

It's about time! She is so CUTE and has hair! I can't wait to see her in person!

The Lowes said...

She's absolutely precious! I can't ever get enough of her.