Monday, July 26, 2010

So James doesn't quit my blog.

Hazel is 9 months old today. And this is the face she makes ALL day everyday. It's a mix between "I'm happy" and "I want what ever you have in your hand."
Sleeping Babies are so sweet! I don't know how anyone can be comfy sleeping like this though.

This was taken a few days after we found out Leah has cancer. She's since lost all of her hair, but has a super cute wig. She's the only one that can get Hazel to sleep sitting down!
Look how long Hazel's hair is getting. I love her smile in this picture.
Daddy and Hazel just after church.
This is Hazel trying to keep down her peas. Peas are her least favorite thing to eat. She gags every time we feed them to her.


Cicily said...

That top picture is adorable!

Kyle and Sarah said...

Love all those pics!

James said...

I was THIS close to quitting. You're still on probation though! :)