Friday, August 8, 2008


This post is thanks to Danielle Pies. If she did take a picture of us bowling with the ward, I wouldn't have proof that we went. Also, If she didn't take this picture and send it to me at work I would have to actually be working right now (SHHHH) :) We went bowling a couple weeks ago with our ward and my little Stuey won! He got the highest score! So everyone can congratulate him all you want. (He loves being the center of attention!) :)
P.S. Here's a little snippet into our lives, Stu didn't want me to start this blog so I've been hiding it from him all this time. I finally told him last night! Yeah Go ME! He wasn't mad at all!


~The Pies~ said...

you are welcome!! to bad I didn't get any pictures of us...oh well. but we got the lowest combind score of the night. YAY! We didn't mind! We got a pize! tell Stu to suck it up and enjoy th blog! Way to go!

Joy said...

oh- that's cute that you guys went bowling with the ward! We don't really go to the ward activities as much as we should. That's funny you didn't tell Stu... I'M glad you started one!