Saturday, August 9, 2008

Breaking Dawn Party

I went to the barns and noble breaking dawn party with friends/co-workers (Stephanie and Heather) and my Sister in law Sarah. We are all a little obsessed with the books. While we were there I saw my other sister in law who I had no idea was going to be there! It was a lot of fun. Stephanie, Me and Heather showing off our shirts right before we left for the party. The back of mine said Edward Cullen about 100 times and then over his name it said Obsessed? Who me?
Me with 2 of my sister in laws Maggie and Sarah.
Stephanie and I trying to sneak a bite of the giant cake.
Stephanie, Heather and I.


Hanie said...

This was definitely a fun night! It is sad that the story has come to an end.
Okay Deb will kill me for saying this but if she is able to tell a story about Stu then I can tell a story about her.: Once Debbie got her book she sat down in the aisle as the rest of us waited to get our books. Of course she started reading it and she simply smiled the biggest grin possible and ow-ed and ah-ed as she read it. Really it was the cutest thing, like a little girl with pigtails in a candy shop!

Anthon & Jennifer Ellsworth said...

Ok, you know Stephanie Solomon?! I totally graduated with her! Crazy!