Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fixing up the cabin

For the past few weekends my family has been fixing up our cabin in Heber.

Weekend number one:

We tore out the carpet in the living room/dinning room/kitchen. (yes, there was carpet in the dinning room/kitchen). The boys put down wood floors and tile. Stu added some flagstone to the path leading to the new part of the deck. While the boys did all the work, and the girls got to document the whole thing, as well as fix lunches for everyone.

Weekend number two:

We tore out the carpet going up the stairs and the 2 rooms up stairs. We got new curtains for the living room and put them up. Stu painted the outside of the cabin and the new part of the deck that was built. Danny finished the wood floors.

Weekend number 3:

(I wasn't up there for this one) Danny and Dad painted the inside of the cabin which desperately needed it. They probably did some other things but since I wasn't there I didn't get pictures.
The new carpet is going to be installed on the 1st!

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~The Pies~ said...

Sweet! I can't wait to see it! hint hint ;)